COVID-19 is affecting us all. Here we will provide some clarification to the most common misinformation being spread regarding the approval of your TN Visa during these times.

Greetings from the Osolot Team!

We’re going to talk about the coronavirus and how it’s affecting TN Visa applications as well as TN Visa holders. The coronavirus is affecting everything. It’s affecting governments, affecting businesses. It’s affecting travel and certain people all around the world. Homeland Security has been implementing new guidelines to help slow the spread of coronavirus in the US, this isn’t permanent, but we’re not sure how long it’s going to be in effect.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet and so we wanted to clarify a few important points for our clients as well as our potential new candidates. So the first thing to know is that travel to the US and Canada to apply for your TN Visa is allowed and this is considered essential travel. You may have heard of non-essential travel ruling and that’s related to travel for recreation or leisure.

Whereas the TN Visa is to travel for work. So the other good thing is that Osolot candidates have recently confirmed that they were able to get their TN Visa application approved. So this is great news for all of us. There’s also what you should know is that there are also some delays happening at the borders, at the airports, and at the land border crossings primarily because of precautions being taken for Coronavirus as well as a shortage of NAFTA officers on duty to process applications so plan ahead and just be careful.

Also, the other thing to know is that smaller land border crossings may not have NAFTA officers. So take that into consideration when you’re planning to cross. The second thing to know is that TN Visa renewals can be completed and are being approved. You can do that by mail or in person we still recommend that even though the renewal process by mail is more expensive. We’re recommending that you think of doing it that way just for your health safety and do remember that the TN Visa Renewal by mail. You can do that 6 months in advance prior to the expiring date of your TN Visa.

The third thing to know is that Americans who wish to work in Canada may do so as well. They can also travel. It’s considered essential travel when you’re applying to work.

And if you’re Mexican in the US or Canada already on a TN Visa, you can use the renewal option by mail. So that’s a great way for you to continue working and living in the US or Canada.

If you have any more questions do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email at [email protected]

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