The TN visa is perhaps the simplest visa to get since it doesn’t include a lengthy application process in which you should present a number of forms. Rather, you can apply for a TN visa when you cross the border into the US or at your local consulate. The most significant part of the application procedure is the TN visa interview, which you will finish at the border. In this blog we provide a detailed guide on how to be successful in your TN visa interview.

What is a TN interview?

Mexican citizens can apply for a TN visa at their local US consulate. Also applicants must submit to an interview with a migration official to obtain their TN visa. The TN interview builds up your qualification for a TN visa. Immigration officers will initially ask you a series of questions about the acceptability of your entrance to the US. You might be gotten some information about past visits to the US, US visas you have held previously, and occurrences on your criminal record like immigration violations or arrests.

Next, the migration official will proceed onward to inquiries regarding your TN application. These questions will be about your employer, the nature of your work, the length of your stay, and more. Migration officials sometimes contact the employer during or after your interview to certify your answers. If your US employment meets the capabilities for a TN visa and the migration official is happy with your answers, then you will receive a TN visa and permission to enter the US.

TN Interview Preparation and Etiquette

Etiquette and dress critical to the accomplishment of your TN interview. Do your best to make a good impression from the beginning by:

Dressing neatly and expertly, Giving close consideration to the official’s inquiries , Waiting for the officer to finish speaking before you respond, Speaking clearly and properly and Responding to questions legitimately and genuinely.

What’s more, you should ensure that you have all the correct reports composed and prepared when you show up at the port of section. Go over the details of your work assignment in the US before the interview so you’re set up for inquiries concerning your employment. Furthermore, audit the qualification necessities for the particular kind of TN visa calling you were employed for also.

About your employer

You will probably likewise be gotten some information about your employer. This will include basic information like the name of the company, the person who hired you, and the type of work the company does. Migration officials may may also call your US employer and ask them to confirm the details of the job offer and employment. On the off chance that any of your answers do not match the responses of your employer then your application may be denied. That is the reason you should contact your US employer and make sure that a knowledgeable company representative is accessible to talk on the telephone at the time you will apply at the port of entry.

Additional information

Different inquiries you might be posed at your TN interview will rely upon your particular migration conditions. For example, in the event that you are entering the US with your life partner or kids, at that point you should respond to extra inquiries concerning your relatives. TN interviews can be as little as 15 minutes or as long as 3 hours. However, most of this time is typically spent waiting for your migration official before the interview or waiting for a decision after your interview.

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