For what reason may a TN visa be denied? The most common reasons for TN visas being denied are associated to a lack of proof of eligibility.

A few candidates may basically not be qualified (because of inadequate education or a potential job not relating with any of the occupations on the NAFTA list), yet many others aren’t introducing the proof important for a strong application. Here are some regular issues that candidates face and what you can do about them:

Absence of clear connection between requirements and proof.

The depiction of your job may not clarify completely how your proposed job matches the NAFTA prerequisites. If your job letter doesn’t unmistakably explain how your job would meet the guidelines, you may have trouble advocating your longing to enter the U.S.

The list of professions secured by Appendix 1603.D.1 of the North American Free Trade Agreement indicates precisely which jobs are qualified, and if you cannot prove that your job consents to the guidelines, you won’t have the option to acquire a TN visa.

Lack of required documentation or required information in documentation.

Sometimes an application might be denied because documentation is missing, or the documentation in the application is missing key facts vital for an application’s success. If, for example, you don’t give supporting documentation demonstrating that you have the essential qualifications for the position, you will run into trouble.

According to the U.S. Department of State, candidates must include the following in their applications:

Moreover, the job letter should include a few key realities about your potential employer and the position. The term of employment must also be included. The letter ought to be written by somebody with an appropriate level of authority on company letterhead.

What would you be able to do about these issues?

If you are right now in the process of putting together a TN visa application, you should check to guarantee that all the necessary documents are present and that your application presents adequate proof of the need for a NAFTA professional in the position and that the position meets the NAFTA guidelines.

To show that you yourself have the education and ability to fill the position, you will need to introduce present relevant degrees, licenses, and additionally letters indicating that you can do the job. You will likewise need to be certain that you have shown nonimmigrant intent (that you don’t plan to immigrate to the U.S. but rather are temporarily entering the country for work).

The accuracy and your knowledge of the information in your application are likewise significant. Giving false information may make your application look better; yet doing so is extremely unsafe. Rather, your application ought to have the option to withstand scrutiny and be persuasive based purely on the facts.

You should also know what information you have given, particularly if you are required to go to an interview, as even if everything all that you are stating is valid, you could get in a tough situation if it appears as if you are misrepresenting yourself due to unintentional inconsistencies.

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